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All About The Bader Family

Auctioncheer caters to and specializes in serving storage and self-storage operators' needs. You won't find us in the Yellow Pages or in any phone books. We have no auction gallery. Our business has always come from word of mouth advertising.

We are a friendly family business  founded  by the late Dan Bader (see our Tribute Page), who along with wife Ethelyn, son Don and daughter-in-law Teresa have for over twenty years been the undisputed leaders in the storage and self-storage auctioneering business in the metro-NY-NJ area. And in 2010, we welcomed our newest associate, Patrick Williams, to our ranks.  In addition to his ever-increasing knowledge of the industry, Patrick is also family, being the youngest nephew of Don and Teresa.

The Bader Family:
 (left to right)  Ethelyn, Don, Teresa and Patrick.


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